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Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello and good day, I just want to share this excellent masterpiece which I think It may be useful for parents who love Gundam and wanted to inherit his obsession to their generation. Various Gundam's lineart were made and suitable for coloring purposes. Copy and Print. Enjoy. Credit to VR-Eli for his artworks.
SD RX-78

SD Abyss

SD Aile Strike

SD Astray Red Frame

SD Chaos Gundam

SD Deathscythe

SD Dynames

SD Epyon

SD Exia

SD God Dundam

SD Gundiver

SD Heavyarms

SD Hyaku Shiki

SD Kampfer

SD Kyrios

SD Lancelot

SD Master Gundam

SD Methuss

SD Qubeley

SD Sazabi

SD Shin Musha

SD Virtue

SD Wing Zero

SD Zaku 2 Char Custom

SD Astray Gold Frame

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